Reliable appliance warranty repairs in Perth

When it comes to appliance warranty repairs and spare parts, we are your trusted team in Perth. Proud Appliances is here to make sure that your household appliances are in full working order. We pride ourselves on offering you hassle-free, affordable services. For tips on locating model and serial numbers please refer to the information below.

Washing machines and dryers

Serial numbers on washers and dryers are normally around the front facia behind the door or on the inside of the door. They can also can be found on the rear of some units. If the label is nowhere to be seen, check behind the drain filter flap at the bottom of the machine.

Coffee machines

If you pull out the drip tray, the labels are often behind them or on the inside of the door to the brew unit. In some cases the label is under the unit on the base. If you still cannot find it, check the rear and sides.

Microwaves and ovens

The labels are most commonly found on the edge of the door, or on the inside edge of the control panel facia. Sometimes they can also be found on the rear of the unit. Labels are rarely placed on the base of the unit or inside it.


Dishwasher serial numbers are normally found around the edge of the door on the stainless steel inner edge. On some brands the numbers are stamped into the metal surface and can be hard to see in poor light. Sometimes labels are found on the rear of the unit stuck to metallic surfaces.

There are a number of different failure conditions which your product may experience that are not considered warranty failures. Only faults that are a result of a failed component in the appliance or a manufacturing defect are covered by warranty repair policy's. Any other issue due to user error, misuse, installation issues, insects or rodent infestation, physical damages, blockages, consumables such as filters, globes and fuses, or lack of care and maintenance of the appliance are generally not covered and therefore charges will apply. 

Some things to always check before booking service calls.
  • Many issues are caused by blockages or build up of fats. Ensure the unit is clean and maintained as per the user manual guide. Check and clean any filters the appliance has and replace any that may be old and saturated.
  • Turn power off for 5 minutes and switch back on and see if a fault returns. 
  • Ensure proper use of the appliance functions as per the manual. Check the what the functions are supposed to do so to understand the product. It may be working correctly but different to what you expect.
  • Make sure appliance installations are as per the manufacturers specification. Often air flow is a huge factor in failures and if the installations are wrong, warranty can become void. Install specs are often in the user manual.
  • Keep insects under control with bate traps for cockroaches near appliance installs. 
  • Check drains and water inlets for blockages or high / low pressures. Often with dishwashers and washing machines faults will occur if the machine can not pump the water out fast enough, or fill up in a reasonable time frame. 
  • Do not overload machines or use excessive detergent quantities. Always check the manual for the weight limits and detergent recommendations.
  • Run a hot wash every 2 weeks for dishwashers and washing machines. Select the hottest temperature cycle and run the unit. You can perform washes at the same time to make this more economical. The hot temperatures will break down fats and salts that build up in your appliance when washing at lower temperatures. 
  • Never use your appliance for other than what it is intended. Most domestic appliances are not suitable for commercial applications.
  • Never use the microwave without a body of liquid or food inside. Do not heat up plates using a microwave. Microwave energy needs to encounter resistance otherwise the heat energy can cause premature failures of major components such as magnetrons or inverter PCB's. 
  • Keep rangehoods clean and use them regularly. Problems occur as cooking residues build up over time if fans are not run often which can cause oils and moisture to effect components. 
  • Coffee machines can often dry out and have issues pumping water through if not used often. These machines work better and last longer if they are used regularly to keep the water components from seizing and building up scale. Run descales regularly, check your water hardness to determine if descales should occur more regularly than the preset timers which is programmed in most units. 
  • Rinse coffee machine milk systems after each use. Milk will dry and congeal causing blockages and poor milk froth and milk suction. 

About Proud Appliances

Proud Appliances is a long established business operating in the Perth Metro district of Western Australia. Trading commenced on the 1st of May 1990, allowing Proud Appliances to reach its 20th year milestone in 2010. Over these 20 plus years, Proud Appliances has evolved into one of Perth's leading domestic appliance repair services, being the preferred agent for many well-known brands, manufacturers, insurance companies and extended warranty providers. In addition to our years of experience, our qualified technicians have the training and the tools to fix nearly all international and domestic brands. Allow us to provide you with a service we can be proud of!
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